2012 Submissions

The Grate Jalebrake Part1 The Grate Jalebrake Part1 Rated Stars The part in which the plot is set up Action Grind Hog Day Grind Hog Day Rated Stars Happy Bill Murray week Newgrounds! Action Madness in the Park Madness in the Park Rated Stars HAPPY MADNESS DAY! Action Triangle Run Triangle Run Rated Stars Triangleclock has a workout to Chariots of Fire 2 Clock 1 Sock 2 Clock 1 Sock Rated Stars 2 clock 1 sock Comedy - Parody Pirate Pirate Rated Stars Pirate Action DickeyMouse Loses Control DickeyMouse Loses Control Rated Stars Dickey Mouse loses control of what he values most. Spam Stebanonamy Stebanonamy Rated Stars DOOT DOOT DOOT DOO Action Gold Figner Gold Figner Rated Stars He's the man with the midus tuch Drama The Three Spooges The Three Spooges Rated Stars What are these numbskulls up to? Comedy - Original The Clock of Miraclefruit The Clock of Miraclefruit Rated Stars From mother Russia comes a flash of the clock of miraclefruits and the clock of grey. Drama Deulin6 B@nj0s Deulin6 B@nj0s Rated Stars Strawberry Clock vs Tricky Clown in a banjo playing duel. Comedy - Original Teh passon of teh admins Teh passon of teh admins Rated Stars With great power comes great hatred Drama an @ccident an @ccident Rated Stars Oh my. Oh the pain. Experimental Manquest Manquest Rated Stars Asshat Clock goes on a man quest. Other Thor VS Asshat on Skub Thor VS Asshat on Skub Rated Stars I hope I used enough soundclips. Spam thor and god have a dance thor and god have a dance Rated Stars A fun sized movie! Experimental horsedance.mc horsedance.mc Rated Stars This horsedance.mv is off the hook!!! Drama The Kittys New Friend The Kittys New Friend Rated Stars a kitty is sad and lonely.. so he makes himself a friend! Music Video Unforgiven Souls 2 Unforgiven Souls 2 Rated Stars And so the story continues. Action Thorclock vs Zombies Thorclock vs Zombies Rated Stars Oh no! Thor clock is ATTACK by ZOMBIE! Action Thorclock has a Sit Thorclock has a Sit Rated Stars Thor Clock has a sit Action Clock Crew Never Changes Clock Crew Never Changes Rated Stars Clock crew... clock crew never changes. Other The Intelegent Dabate The Intelegent Dabate Rated Stars This is a very intelegant debate done by the smart clocks of the clock crew Drama

2009 Submissions

I Hate Christmas 2 I Hate Christmas 2 Rated Stars I HATE CHRISTMAS Action Catsplosion EX Catsplosion EX Rated Stars CATSPLOSION CATSPLOSION CATSPLOSION CATSPLOSION Drama Bill Murray kills a clock Bill Murray kills a clock Rated Stars The evil Thor Clock is defeated by the green warrior. Comedy - Original Bnod, J@ems Bnod Bnod, J@ems Bnod Rated Stars This flash's name is Bnod. J@ems Bnod. Action Thor Clock Is A Bad Man Thor Clock Is A Bad Man Rated Stars THOR CLOCK IS A BAD MAN WHO DOES BAD THINGS Drama teh alfabet teh alfabet Rated Stars abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy z Informative ThorClock VS Topcatyo ThorClock VS Topcatyo Rated Stars The fight of the ages. A fight that shakes worlds. Gettin Betah Gettin Betah Rated Stars GETTING SO MUCH BETTER ALL THE TIME Comedy - Original Good Clock Movie Good Clock Movie Rated Stars this is a good clock crew falsh Informative The @ Team The @ Team Rated Stars If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them... How Many Fries? How Many Fries? Rated Stars How many fries do you have golden clock? Count them. Drama Frank rapes Triangle Cloc Frank rapes Triangle Cloc Rated Stars On no watch out triangle clock! What Is Best In Life? What Is Best In Life? Rated Stars CONAN, WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE? Clock Crew Saves Twilight Clock Crew Saves Twilight Rated Stars The clock crew saves the relationship of an undead horror Thor Clock:StaringPatriot Thor Clock:StaringPatriot Rated Stars Patriot staring in the role he was born to play. BAET IT BAET IT Rated Stars JUST BEAT IT, BUT YOU WANT TO BE BAD I Am Thor God Of Thunder I Am Thor God Of Thunder Rated Stars I AM THOR GOD OF THUNDER Dnt sotp til u gt enf Dnt sotp til u gt enf Rated Stars DONT SOTP TIL U GET ENF!!! ORANGE CLOCK IS THE KING OF POP! Clokc in teh Miror Clokc in teh Miror Rated Stars He's gunna start w/ the clock n the miror Hark Þe Þorr Sayeth Wii Hark Þe Þorr Sayeth Wii Rated Stars Hark Þe Þorr Clocke Sægþ Wii No Respect! No Respect! Rated Stars Nobody shows the clock crew any respect! They're sick of it! SinsterClock'sMissingMisl SinsterClock'sMissingMisl Rated Stars Mister Sinister's Massive Missle Is Missing! Misplaced or misfired? A mystery! Gold & Silver's MM 3! Gold & Silver's MM 3! Rated Stars Gold& Silver Clock go on a marvelous misadventure! Ani r u ok?? Ani r u ok?? Rated Stars Anny are you okay? are you okay? are you okay, anny? Japan. Japan. Rated Stars Japan. Gold & Silver's MM 2! Gold & Silver's MM 2! Rated Stars Gold & Silver clock go on another wacky misadventure! Gold & Silver's MM! Gold & Silver's MM! Rated Stars Gold & Silver Clock's Marvelous Misadventure! MEGA? MEGA? Rated Stars THING ABOUT MAH BABI IT DONT MATER IF YOUR ROBOT OR WHITE THRILUR THRILUR Rated Stars CUZ ITSA THRILLAH! THRILLAH NITE! sm00th criminul sm00th criminul Rated Stars ANNY ARE YOU OK, ARE YOU OK ANNY? Journey 2 centur fo e@rht Journey 2 centur fo e@rht Rated Stars Don't stop believin. El Reloj Rabioso El Reloj Rabioso Rated Stars Rabid clock is sent on a misson of revenge. Action tmwgascaacbaewbteatttahte tmwgascaacbaewbteatttahte Rated Stars The movie where goldenclock and silver clock are almost captured by an evil wizard but t Action Thor is a Super Girl! Thor is a Super Girl! Rated Stars Thor clock is a super girl! He's going to save the day! Action Welcome 2 the Clock Crew Welcome 2 the Clock Crew Rated Stars Welcome to the clock crew... again! Comedy - Original Welcome to the Clock Crew Welcome to the Clock Crew Rated Stars The characters of the clock crew. Comedy - Original Do the Strawberro Do the Strawberro Rated Stars Swing your arms from side to side come on it's time to go do the strawberro Comedy - Parody Dr. StrangeClock Dr. StrangeClock Rated Stars Dr. Strangeclock or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Blam Comedy - Parody
I hate christmas >:( I hate christmas >:( Rated Stars I hate christmas! Drama I'll never make a flash I'll never make a flash Rated Stars I'm never going to make a flash, not even this one! Action Ctratbrbdracloidbawae Ctratbrbdracloidbawae Rated Stars CreamTheRabbitAboutToBeRa pedByDrRobotnikAsCheeseLo oksOnInDespairButAlsoWith AErection Drama Dwarfinator In: Holy Shit Dwarfinator In: Holy Shit Rated Stars Holy shit dwarfinator is hard core. Action Floppydisk and Clam, BFF Floppydisk and Clam, BFF Rated Stars Floppydisk Clock and Clam Clock are best friends forever. Comedy - Original Clocks Rising 3 Clocks Rising 3 Rated Stars The epic conlcusion to the Clocks Rising saga Get That Apple 1 Get That Apple 1 Rated Stars The first get that apple is finally released I stole this movie! I stole this movie! Rated Stars I stole this movie from albino clock!!! Clock Crew e-drama Clock Crew e-drama Rated Stars The clock crew goes through some drama of the e kind Floss & the red octopus 2 Floss & the red octopus 2 Rated Stars Floss tracks down the dealy red octopus! "Clocks" "Clocks" Rated Stars The Cheers theme how done how it was should have been in the first place. clock crew is fagets clock crew is fagets Rated Stars ushnor pwns the clock crew Little Girls Little Girls Rated Stars Wade loves little girls Yogi Bear Live@clocktopia Yogi Bear Live@clocktopia Rated Stars Yogi Bear plays a song for the clock crew. Angry Runner Angry Runner Rated Stars He's mad as hell and he's not going to take it any more. A small chat A small chat Rated Stars a small chat Smile Zoom Smile Zoom Rated Stars A smile zooms Strawberryclock & megaman Strawberryclock & megaman Rated Stars Strawberryclock meets megaman Do Anything Collab Do Anything Collab Rated Stars This colaboration is about anything and everything. Spam thor zeros lambdas movie thor zeros lambdas movie Rated Stars how I 0d his movie Happy bunny of cotton lan Happy bunny of cotton lan Rated Stars Bunny Superstrawberrybrospedrun Superstrawberrybrospedrun Rated Stars SUPER STRAWBERRY BROS SPEEDRUN
My Bill Murray Flash My Bill Murray Flash Rated Stars This is a movie about bill murray The portal is enough The portal is enough Rated Stars The portal is enough. World, hold on World, hold on Rated Stars World, hold on. Come on, everybody in the universe. An Ode to StrawberryClock An Ode to StrawberryClock Rated Stars StrawberryClock is the king of the portal. Clockemon Clockemon Rated Stars Gotta catch 'em all Return of Carrot Clock Return of Carrot Clock Rated Stars Carrot clock, the true king of the portal, takes back his throne New Age Retro Clock New Age Retro Clock Rated Stars A new clock from a long time ago Spam Clock Day Rules Clock Day Rules Rated Stars A very serious movie Comedy - Parody Thor has super AIDS! Thor has super AIDS! Rated Stars Thor clock has super aids! Beginnings Revisited Beginnings Revisited Rated Stars FlossClock and ThorClock remake their first ever clock crew flash movies. Digger Ankh Digger Ankh Rated Stars Log on now to clockcrew dot c c Floss and the Red Octopus Floss and the Red Octopus Rated Stars A grand story Possumon Possumon Rated Stars Happy birthday pawesum <3 B prep@red B prep@red Rated Stars Banana lock tries to overthrow our loving king Duck.fla Spin Duck.fla Spin Rated Stars Duck Spin Music Video the story of The Egg the story of The Egg Rated Stars the egg The Magic Cake The Magic Cake Rated Stars what IRON CLOCK IRON CLOCK Rated Stars HE WAS TURNED TO STEEL, IN A GRATE MAGNEITIC FEILD Bobby's story Bobby's story Rated Stars what Like Sand In An Hourglass Like Sand In An Hourglass Rated Stars like sand in an hourglass An Afternoon With Bobby An Afternoon With Bobby Rated Stars sdfsdaf h@mmeR $p@cE h@mmeR $p@cE Rated Stars strawberry clock and pineapple clock take a trip into the mind. Astrognome Astrognome Rated Stars The story of Astrognome, the gnome in space. Hentai Quiz Game 2007 Hentai Quiz Game 2007 Rated Stars A new hentai game for 2007 Action TeenageMutantNinjaClocks TeenageMutantNinjaClocks Rated Stars TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA CLOCK CREW bobby vs thor flash battl bobby vs thor flash battl Rated Stars BOBBY VS THOR Þ Þ Rated Stars sadfsd EVOLUTION. EVOLUTION. Rated Stars Evolution sumed up well. AnimeMonsterFighterCards AnimeMonsterFighterCards Rated Stars The new monster show from dem crazy orientals! emit a nopu ecno emit a nopu ecno Rated Stars once upon a time... U R A PIRATE U R A PIRATE Rated Stars DO WHAT YOU WANT CUZ A PIRATE IS FREE, YOU ARE A PIRATE!

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